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About Samkin Treasure Molders Pvt Ltd

Samkin Treasure Molders Pvt Ltd is a one point solution for your product packaging needs as we also have high end machinery for pad printing, screen printing, shrink film labelling and hot foil stamping.

Established in 1997, Samkin Treasure Molders Pvt Ltd is now one of the leading and largest manufacturer and exporter of plastic bottles, jars and closures in India.
What keeps us a step ahead of the rest is the wide variety we provide in sizes, shapes, colours and designs. state-of-the-art technology at our plant helps us to manufacture complex moulds as per client’s requirement.

Product Range
Over 2000 Products to fit your product needs.
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Our relationship goal with our clients is that of partners not merely vendor-client approach. We aim to ensuring pot after sale smooth functioning of our machinery at all times.


Our Passion to deliver best product quality which meets the needs of our customers. We always strive to adopt new technologies which can make our product better to best. We absolutely love automation
We have always thrived to minimise the dependency on manual labour through automation there by reducing chances of losses due to human error.


We assure our customers to have best quality products, which have passed under supervision of a team of qualified technicians. We monitor each and every stage of production process with extra care.


Over our 2 decades of experience in packing industry we have established with our clientele a rapport wherein they rely on our expertise to run their business efficiently


The durability of our products remains unmatchable. Our products have been tested for performance in the most challenging conditions.

Cost Efficiency

Using superior quality machines, our products have low costs than others.

Mold And Designs

We have more than 3000 stocks molds, 20 patent designs and more than 100 colours availability.

DMF registration

US DMF Register: Registration No: 33736

Featured Products

We offer quality products at competitive prices which ultimately save your money.